How Does It Feel

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This short documentary is a meditation on performance, self-expression, (dis)ability, and the power of art. At age 58, Kazumi has decided to use his singing voice to channel his cerebral palsy (CP). As Kazumi draws from his exuberant, poignant and painful experiences, performer and teacher Fides Krucker guides him to embrace his inner artist. Kazumi's one-man show features songs like Smokey Robinson's "Tracks of my Tears" which take on new and unexpected meaning in this moving account of transformation through the power of song.

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Film Credits

Lawrence Jackman
Lawrence Jackman
Annette Clarke
director of photography
Jay Ferguson
sound recordist
Mike Filippov
sound design
Mike Filippov
Lawrence Jackman
Chris Darlington
Jean Paul Vialard
executive producer
Ravida Din
Kent Martin

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  • BurnabyLoris

    “Amazing just amazing !!!” — BurnabyLoris, 17 Feb 2014

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