How Dinosaurs Learned to Fly

The dinosaurs were headed for trouble. They ate nothing but junk food. They never brushed their teeth. They stayed up all night. And though they loved jumping off cliffs, they didn't like the landings much. The early mammals tried to warn them. "Keep that up and you'll all be extinct!" they said. But the dinosaurs just laughed... and over time, they evolved into birds.

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Film Credits

Munro Ferguson
Munro Ferguson
Isobel Marks
David Verrall
executive producer
Barrie McLean
animation camera
Pierre Landry
Jacques Avoine
Lynda Pelley
Raymond Dumas
Normand Roger
Normand Roger
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Jackie Burroughs
Liz MacRae
Tark Trafford

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  • lisau

    “I am so glad to have found this - We watched this over and over when my kids were young, I wanted to find it for the grandchildren. Classic. Dip - I love that name. ” — lisau, 26 Nov 2014

  • Corax

    “Remember watching this all the time when I was a kid. The image of the growing feathers has stuck vividly with me all these years. ” — Corax, 5 Jul 2010

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