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The dream machine looks simple enough: a 100-watt light bulb, a motor and a rotating cylinder with cutouts. Just sit in front of it, close your eyes and wait for the visions to come. Its creator, Brion Gysin, believed it would revolutionize human consciousness.

With a custom-made dream machine in tow, director Nik Sheehan takes us on a journey into the life of Brion Gysin – his art, his complex ideas and his friendships with some of the 20th century's key counterculture figures, including his lifelong connection with Beat writer William S. Burroughs.

Featuring greats like singer Marianne Faithfull, singer/artist Genesis P-Orridge of Psychic TV, poet John Giorno, punk rocker Iggy Pop, filmmaker Kenneth Anger and artist/turntablist DJ Spooky, FLicKeR is a hypnotic documentary that asks crucial questions about the nature of art and consciousness – and imagines humanity liberated to explore its creativity in complete freedom.


Nik Sheehan
Nik Sheehan
Maureen Judge
Anita Lee
executive producer
Maureen Judge
Silva Basmajian
director of photography
Harald Bachmann
Caroline Christie
Miume Jan Eramo
original music
Edmund Eagan
Kenneth Anger
Marcus Boon
Udo Breger
Catherine Clément
Ira Cohen
Brett Despotovich
John Dunbar
Sophie Duplaix
Marianne Faithfull
John Geiger
John Giorno
Rhodri Hayward
Michael Innanen
Jean-Jacques Lebel
Leila Hadley Luce
Richard Metzger
Bastiaan ter Meulen
Madame Odillard
Genesis P-Orridge
Katherine Piro
Lee Ranaldo
Ira Silverberg
DJ Spooky
Iggy Pop
Psychic TV
Floria Sigismondi
Terry Wilson
Nick Zinner
Tom Hillman
Jaime Torres
sound recording
Brett Despotovich
Jason Milligan
Hartley Wynberg
sound editing
Mark Gingras
John Laing
Dale Lennon
sound design
Mark Gingras
John Laing
Dale Lennon
Daniel Pellerin
sound design
Daniel Pellerin
visual research
Kristina Howard


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