First Stories - Walking Alone

First Stories - Walking Alone

| 6 min
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Walking Alone is an edgy, searing portrait of an ex-gang member trying to make peace with his past.

When Shawn Bernard started a rap group, he never dreamed that it would turn into a gang. But before long, the rap group was overshadowed by an increasingly notorious Indigenous gang, which eventually reached a national scale.

In the wake of the rap group's demise, Shawn became a renowned drug dealer, living a high risk lifestyle that would ultimately lead to tragedy.

In Walking Alone, Shawn raps about the various struggles of his life, the choices he's made and their consequences, while poignantly recounting the loss of his sister. He shares his positive message by raising awareness of the harsh realities of gang life among youth.

Filmmaker Gerald Auger has made an impressive debut - one wrought with emotion and hope.

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  • writer
    Gerald Auger
  • director
    Gerald Auger
  • cinematographer
    Kelly Wolfert
    Brett Manyluk
  • sound recordist
    Stan Jackson
    Gerry Clarke
  • picture editor
    Shawn Ratke
    Scott Parker
  • sound edit
    Wolf Willow Sound
  • original music
    Shawn Bernard
  • producer
    Bonnie Thompson
  • executive producer
    Derek Mazur

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