First Stories - Patrick Ross

This is Ervin Chartrand's second short film. Here he renders a beautiful cinematic portrait of an ex-prison inmate, 29-year-old Patrick Ross. Ross was not an artist, nor a spiritual person, until he came to Manitoba's Stony Mountain Institution. There he met artist inmate Terry Southwind and started to paint. His work quickly evolved to a point where he felt most comfortable using white paint over black canvases - a style that can only be described as 'seeing'.

Watch Patrick create one of his extraordinary paintings while he shares his thoughts on his art, his time in jail and his hopes for the future. "The film is like the artist it depicts: cool, articulate, with an undercurrent of hard-won wisdom that shines through in the work." - Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press

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Ervin Chartrand
Ervin Chartrand
Claude Savard
sound recordist
George Addis
Kenneth George Godwin
picture editor
Peter Myles Barnaby
sound editor
Anita Lubosch
re-recording mixer
Howard Rissin
Joe MacDonald
executive producer
Michael Scott
Derek Mazur


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