First Stories - Nganawendaanan Nde'ing (I Keep Them in My Heart)

With the rapid movement towards mainstream culture, Aboriginal people are in danger of losing all the traditional knowledge that their elders carry. In Nganawendaanan Nde'ing, filmmaker Shannon Letandre examines the importance of traditional knowledge and how it can be shared from generation to generation. Shannon, who lives in the city of Winnipeg, accompanies her grandfather as he picks and prepares weekay. Through this intimate event, the director cpatures the quiet dignity and grace of her grandfather as he passes on his traditional knowledge.

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Shannon Letandre
Shannon Letandre
Linda Danchak
Claude Savard
sound recordist
Melanie Fuerst
picture editor
Kenneth George Godwin
Peter Myles Barnaby
sound editor
Anita Lubosch
original music
Jesse Green
re-recording mixer
Howard Rissin
Joe MacDonald
executive producer
Michael Scott
Derek Mazur


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