First Stories - Apples & Indians

As a young boy, filmmaker Lorne Olson was told Indians were like apples - red on the outside, white on the inside. Ironically, it was that notion that set him off on a long journey to find out who he was. Throughout his life, he has identified himself as Métis, half-breed, Oji-Cree, Indian, Native, Aboriginal, and so on. He never felt entirely comfortable with any of these names - each one a reflection of the changing dialogue of the times. Apples and Indians is a whimsical and profound 5-minute ride that sees Lorne speeding through decades in search of his true identity.

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Lorne Olson
Lorne Olson
Claude Savard
Reil Munro
sound recordist
Norman Dugas
Dino Schiavone
makeup artist
Lita Fontaine
costume designer
William Martin
picture editor
Peter Myles Barnaby
sound editor
Anita Lubosch
original music
Jesse Green
re-recording mixer
Howard Rissin
Joe MacDonald
executive producer
Michael Scott
Derek Mazur


  • gaedener

    “Love the tongue in cheek!!! "I am Indigenous" Made me laugh out loud! "Politically Correct" Terminology has nothing to do with true Identity. :) A great lesson!” — gaedener, 29 Feb 2012

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