First Winter

  • John N. Smith,
  • ,
  • 26 min 37 s

This historical drama features the first winter spent in Canada by a family of Irish immigrants deep in the Ottawa Valley. The year is 1830. Because the father is working in a logging camp, the mother has sole charge of the family. Sickness overtakes her, and she dies. The children are left on their own to survive. The film graphically illustrates the enormous hardships endured by the first settlers who had to cope with a climate with which they were unfamiliar. A beautiful, moving film.

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Film Credits

John N. Smith
John N. Smith
Sam Grana
executive producer
Roman Kroitor
Gloria Demers
Cynthia Scott
David De Volpi
Jacques Drouin
Richard Todd
sound editing
Jackie Newell
Tadhg De Brun

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