Finding Macpherson (Trailer)

Finding Macpherson (Trailer)

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Finding Macpherson is, above all, the story of an improbable friendship between the great Quebec singer Félix Leclerc and the intriguing Frank Randolph Macpherson, a chemical engineer from Jamaica who arrived in Quebec in 1917 and would inspire Leclerc’s song “MacPherson.” It is also a story about memory: a memory of the song that would push animation filmmaker Martine Chartrand to create the striking and poetic animation MacPherson, made by filming paintings on glass using 35mm film, while revisiting her own history. This highly personal and historical journey is captured by Serge Giguère, who accompanies Chartrand from the very start. A sympathetic look at an artist at work, Finding Macpherson is also a steadfastly humanist film that highlights the imperceptible but unbreakable links that bind us to each other.

Film Credits

Serge Giguère
Nicole Hubert
Sylvie Van Brabant
Colette Loumède

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