Family Band

Family Band

In this short documentary about The Tragically Hip, director David Battistella uses a split-screen and acid-etched colours to distil the iconic Canadian band’s essence. After decades together, through hotels, highways, gigs and recording sessions, The Hip’s members have forged a powerful brotherhood. "These guys are my life partners, musically" says bass guitarist Gord Sinclair. The Hip's brand of straight-ahead rock and roll has catapulted the band to international stardom, and ensured them a place in Canadian musical history, but at heart, they remain a bunch of guys from Kingston, Ontario, making music together just for fun.

This film was produced for the 2008 Governor General's Performing Arts Award.

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Film Credits

David Battistella
David Battistella
Gerry Flahive
Monica Guddat
David Battistella
sound recordist
Igal Petel
sound editor
Steve Payne
re-recording mixer
Dustin Harris
Katherine Kasirer
David Bastedo
Laurie Brown
executive producer
Silva Basmajian

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