Everest from Within

This feature-length documentary retraces the journey of 4 Canadians who set off to climb the perilous north side of Mount Everest without the use of oxygen or sherpas. The group's ordeal gives us a rare insight into the human condition under stress, and, while immobilized on the edge of the mountain by extreme weather, we share the tensions that afflict the group's solidarity - threatening the dream of attaining the summit itself.

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Film Credits

André Laperrière
François Loubert
Bernard Mailhot
Claude-André Nadon
Sylvie Van Brabant
Sylvie Van Brabant
Claude-André Nadon
picture editing
Myriam Poirier
sound editing
Myriam Poirier
Claude-André Nadon
Catherine-Isabelle Giasson
François Vincelette
musical direction
Bob Olivier
Louis Gignac
Yves Bisaillon
Nicole Hubert
Sylvie Van Brabant

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