Encounter with Saul Alinsky - Part 1: CYC Toronto

This documentary short captures a lively confrontation between the American community organizer and writer Saul Alinsky, and members of the Company of Young Canadians (CYC). Among other topics, the parties argue and disagree about the means and costs of securing social change.

Film Credits

Peter Pearson
Barrie Howells
John Kemeny

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  • Cheyom1

    “Alinsky's approach is still valid today. There are lessons in it for the "Occupy Movement". Back in the 60's, many young white Candians were caught up the romance of escaping the society and the good life their parents and grandparents had built for them (a society they regarded as corrupt and materialistic). However, Alinsky worked alongside marginalized people, the poor, to help them get a piece of the good life these young folks claimed to have eschewed. ” — Cheyom1, 14 Sep 2012

  • SaloonSinger

    “The hippies discussed here for the most part ended up in some drug related psychosis or selling out by the seventies. If they lived in a comune, they discovered that organization is necessary and everyone has to do some work. This inevitably led to conflicts. There were a lot of plastic hippies whose values were if anything more conservative, materialistic and reactionary then those of their parents. They merely wanted different drugs, clothes, music, cars, jobs, etc.. I knew a guy who laughed when he told me he was now a pharmaceutical salesman.” — SaloonSinger, 6 May 2011

  • muhammadalirehan

    “a very good conversatoin” — muhammadalirehan, 9 Sep 2010

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