Emergency Ward

This 1959 documentary short is a frank portrait of the daily operations inside the Montreal General Hospital’s emergency ward.


William Greaves
William Greaves
Roman Kroitor
Wolf Koenig
executive producer
Tom Daly
Stanley Jackson
Wolf Koenig
Ron Alexander
Kathleen Shannon
John Locke


  • Chapula

    “What a rush of memories this documentary brought back for me as 12 years after it was filmed I began to work in that same ER,October 1971,and I stayed with that same position for some 10 years,The treatment room was still no.136 and and the phone extension 241.Nurse O'Reilly must have moved on and rarely would a night ever be that quiet again.The face of Montreal was changing and more French was spoken but the commitment to the working in an Emergency Dept.was still the same and all who might have some connection to this ER and see this doc.would know what I mean,there was a sense of commitment to working in that ER in those years that was unparraled.I hope other viewers who may have some link to this Casualty Dept. will add their comment.(Peter MD) ” — Chapula, 16 Feb 2012

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