The Elder Project

The Elder Project follows seven diverse seniors over two years and records their experiences through a series of short and candid episodic stories. As they face the possibility of increasing frailty and transitioning into more dependent-living scenarios, the elders talk of their concerns and eloquently express their desire to grow older with dignity and some control over their future.

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Film Credits

Arn Langner
Clara Plante
John M. Flint
Jack McIntosh
Joanna Matejko
Nirmala Acharya
Ruth Hamson
Eva Colmers
Eva Colmers
Bonnie Thompson
Brenda Terning
director of photography
Trevor Wilson
sound recordist
Larry MacDonald
Gerry Clarke
Stan Jackson
Rosie Dransfeld
sound design
John Blerot
researcher in development
Jane Bisbee
Julia Necheff
Daniel E. Kelley
executive producer
David Christensen

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