This documentary short is a portrait of Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party and 13th prime minister of Canada, John George Diefenbaker (1895-1979). Diefenbaker's political career spanned 6 decades. When he died in 1979, his state funeral and final train trip west became more a celebration of life than a victory for death. Interweaving scenes from past and present, the film crafts a tribute to an illustrious Canadian and records how a nation paused to pay homage to "The Chief."


  • sixam

    “A splendid and admirable man. I notice Mulroney was at the funeral.” — sixam, 13 Feb 2014

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Film Credits

William Canning
Mark Zannis
David De Volpi
Savas Kalogeras
Barry Perles
Andreas Poulsson
Bev Davidson
Michel Hazel
Stephan Steinhouse
sound editing
Stephan Steinhouse
Jean-Pierre Joutel

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