Deep Inside Clint Star

Director Clint Alberta takes us on a hilarious and bittersweet journey into the hearts and minds of some very ordinary, extraordinary young Canadians. Clint, taking on the role of Clint Star, seeks out his far-flung buddies, young Natives like himself. They talk about sex and life... love and abuse... 500 years of oppression--with humour, grace and courage.
Hugo plays in a punk band. Tawny Maine used to wonder about her Egyptian-Swedish ancestry but now wants to go to university, marry and "live happily ever after." Harvey feels he has yet to live, but he's finally accepted his homosexuality. Michael is fiercely protective of his cultural and sexual identity. Becky seems to have been through it all, but she's ready for a second chance. Gerald left school and is letting life lead him where it may.
Deep Inside Clint Star explores issues of identity, sexuality and intimacy, while retaining the creative and playful style of a director who is not afraid of turning the camera on himself. This engaging documentary will draw you out of yourself and deep inside Clint Star.


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Film Credits

Clint Alberta
Silva Basmajian
Marcos Arriaga
Shreela Chakrabartty
Gordon Creelman
Katharine Assals
sound editing
Julie Saragosa
Shelley Craig
Geoffrey Mitchell
James Cavalluzzo

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