Death of a Legend

This documentary film by Bill Mason is about wolves and the negative myths surrounding the animal. Exceptional footage portrays the wolf's life cycle and the social organization of the pack, as well as other film of caribou, moose, deer and buffalo. Mason later made a feature documentary on wolves (Cry of the Wild, 1973) that played theatrically throughout North America and earned $5 million at the box office.

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Bill Mason
Bill Mason
Bill Mason
Barrie Howells
Stanley Jackson
animation camera
Kjeld Nielsen
Cameron Gaul
sound editing
John Knight
Eldon Rathburn
Roger Lamoureux
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Blake James
Donald Brittain


  • Tharl

    “I had the honour of meeting Bill after he made this film. I have never met a more talented or a more kindhearted man. I love all his films and judging by the 77 national and international awards his films have won there are many who agree with me.” — Tharl, 1 Feb 2013

  • reginacinefile

    “It's great how this film builds up to reveal that wolves, despite their terrible image, are probably more civilized than us...make you think who's the monster. Of course, I do feel for the ranchers, but do not think shooting them for sport should be allowed. If their numbers are to be controlled, let them be controlled by a conservation agency that is interested in the welfare of the natural balance rather than that of unnecessary hunter.” — reginacinefile, 7 Sep 2011

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