Dans le labyrinthe

Dans la diversité des pays, des climats, des races et des sociétés, les rites, les croyances, la présence de la nature assurent une certaine permanence et aident chacun à traverser le mystère de l'existence. Conçu pour le pavillon Labyrinthe de l'Exposition universelle de 1967, ce film à écrans multiples se veut une interprétation moderne de la légende de Thésée et du Minotaure.

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Roman Kroitor
Colin Low
Hugh O'Connor
Roman Kroitor
Tom Daly
executive producer
Desmond Dew
Michel Thomas-d'Hoste
Walter Lassally
Gilles Gascon
Georges Dufaux
V.V. Dombrovsky
Alex O. Krasnov
Ted Haley
Tom Daly
sound editing
Tom Daly
sound mixer
Edward T. Haley
Michel Descombes
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Eldon Rathburn


  • Effache

    “I waited in line for 2½ hours to see this film at the Labyrinth Pavillion at Expo '67. After having seen it, I walked out and put mysef right back in queue to see it again. I was 13 years old and although at the time I didn't fathom all of the value of having watched, it had a profound effect on how I stgarted to look around me and look at the world then and since. I was able to remember only a few scenes watchng this again, scenes that I thought I had forgotten about. Wonderful work. Makes me think of the more recent Ron Fricke films... Thanks for calling attention to this masterwork.” — Effache, 11 Dec 2014

  • “Brilliant!Thanks for presenting this in its original format. It is a wonderful tribute to Roman Kroiter, Colin Low and Hugh O'Connor. Bro. John” — Bro. John, 20 Sep 2012

  • MvanGageldonk

    “Yes, 720p is broken it seems, too bad because this film really requires a decent resolution....” — MvanGageldonk, 18 Sep 2012

  • hansmark

    “we can't purchase a download of this? or watch it in 720? (doesn't seem to work) I would SO buy a blu-ray if you made one!! thank you!” — hansmark, 17 Sep 2012

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