Cure for Love

Cure for Love is a full-length documentary about a controversial evangelical movement that purports to convert gay people into heterosexuals. The film brings us inside this unusual Christian subculture and follows the lives of several young people whose homosexuality is at odds with their religious beliefs.


Christina Willings
Francine Pelletier
Christina Willings
Christina Willings
Bonnie Thompson
director of photography
Shaun Henning
Paul Mortimer
original score
Jeff Bray
executive producer
Nancy Laing
David Christensen
Graydon McCrea
Derek Mazur
sound recordist
Antonio Aroyo
Gabe Chu
Kate Kechnie
Steve Lafayette
Christopher Miller
sound design
Jordan Wiberg
re-recording mixer
John Iaquinta
visual researcher
Tanya Fleet


  • Annij

    “I enjoyed the film, and thought it was fairly balanced. I am religiously devout myself and I do understand Brian and Ana's decision to marry, despite the fact that neither may be in-love with one another, or attracted to each other. What I often see that is quite tragic, is that the dogma of many born again religious Churches is very condemning. There is this myth that if one makes "all the right choices, and avoid's 'sin,' one will lead a 'perfect' life. One will BE HAPPY." I have a unique experience in that I was raised as an atheist and was persecuted by my family for my decision to convert to fundamentalist Christianity. I got death threats and denouncements, family members choosing to no longer have a relationship with me etc. Yet I do understand that there equally is a myth that marriage, the "perfect marriage" where one is in love, attracted to etc. will bring happiness. The reasons to marry are wide and vary with individuals. What ultimately holds a marriage together, and what makes people happy is their commitment to the marriage,and their commitment to happiness. You don't have to have everything you want or dream of to be happy; conversely those who get what they want and dream of are also not necessarily "happy."” — Annij, 31 Jul 2013

  • Nation

    “Excellent - thank you for sharing.” — Nation, 30 Aug 2012

  • ericRsim


  • ebragg

    “I grew up in an evangelical household from the time I was born until the time I left home to join the service. However, I had feelings towards other woman from a very early age. I never felt that it was gross or evil, in fact, I didn't know that how I felt was how other woman in the world have felt. I thought that these feelings were secrets. No one should know about it because I'm the only person in the world that feels this way, anyway. In "Cure for Love" it was so wonderful to see so many people who now embrace themselves...indeed, they are truly happy with themselves, as am I. There are those people who are now in committed relationships with the opposite sex after having been with the same sex, but that does not mean that they are this label or that label. They are sexual beings and it is completely possible for one person to fully experience and love masculinity and also be equally in love and experience that same level of passion with all that is feminine. It depends on the person and I am no longer one of those homosexuals who believes in binary sexuality. You are Gay or Straight, in the same way that I do not believe that just because you do not interpret the scripture the same way that he or she does, makes them less of, what we call in the evangelical world, a 'believer.' The more that this world sees sexuality as fluid the more people will start to leave other people alone with it comes to their faith/religion, least, that is my hope...” — ebragg, 30 Sep 2011

  • cdnjoe

    “This was an interesting, balanced film. As a Christian who is attracted to men I was pleased with the New Direction worker for his acceptance of this attraction. When one takes his/her eyes off Jesus and looks at self...temptation will follow. It's is always "Who is on the throne of your hear?t" self or God...sounds simplistic but it's true!” — cdnjoe, 13 Sep 2011

  • Kleopatra

    “This film is especially relevant as Exodus International has an app released for the iPhone, to "help" struggling homosexuals be saved by Jesus. Love between people is not evil and does not need to be "cured."” — Kleopatra, 22 Mar 2011


    “Flyborg: If God created man, he (or she) must have created a percentage of them with a genetic makeup that creates homosexuality. I'm not a Christian, nor do I aspire to become one. It is better to live life with the simple acknowledgement that we are human beings and as such, recognize that we are not all alike. I'm heterosexual, but have no problems accepting that homosexuality is an equal human trait. Why must organized religions, especially the Christian variety try to change something that has existed long before someone got around to write in a book that it was wrong to love someone of the same sex.” —, 15 Oct 2010

  • yahlkevin

    “As a Haida and First Nations man and as someone who has not believed that the bible was not written by God but by men/ I know that on Turtle Isalnd (aka north america) people who today are called gay/lesbian were known to have 2 spirits and were respected for there choice to live the way they wanted to/just as people who are today called mentally disabled/having mental health issues were respected as Medicine people/ respected and honoured and listened t obecause thy could see/hear the advise of Spirits about how to live a good life. this movie is just another example of the misuse/abuse of god to make people think they are sick and if your told there is something wrong with you enough times you will come to believe it. God loves me as Gods child. i am not gay/lesbian 2 spirited but have many friends/family who are and they are human beings as much as I am. ” — yahlkevin, 14 Oct 2010

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