The Conquerors

In this animated short, a young couple washed onto a strange, inhospitable shore, attempts to transform the land into an Eden. Through great effort they prosper, learning to conquer nature and their environment. But what will their victory mean? Alternately a vision of paradise and purgatory, with allusions to the Book of Genesis and prehistory, the film tells the story of human beings and their conquests, offering a dark, critical view of the rise and fall of civilizations.

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Pauline Morand
Benjamin Robert
Mathilde Fauchier
Étienne Rozand
Éliane Baccino
Tibor Banoczki
Èva Baraglioli
Malek Bentroudi
Mattéo Bentroudi-Moreau
Élisabeth Bessard
Isabelle Brocal
Luc Chareyron
Benoît Chieux
Louis Chieux
Juliette Chieux
Théo Ciret
Jéri Collomb
Fernand De Castro
Gaulthier Durhin
Patricia Epaillard
Cédric Epaillard
Nicolas Flory
Camille Fouilhé
Pierre-Luc Granjon
Myriam Gras
Carole Guénault
Nolan Guenault Valladares
Loucia Guenault Valladares
Hugo Guichard
Boris Lahittette
Margot Lengelle-Machard
Nicolas Pinet
Benoît Razy
Bastien Razy
Nicolas Rideau
Anne Robert
Jeanne Scour
Sara Sponga
Sarolta Szabo
Yoann Thomain
Tibor Banoczki
Sarolta Szabo
Sara Sponga
costume designer
Dominique Fournier
Hervé Guichard
script development consultant
Anna Higgs
original music
Chris White
sound design
Stefan Smith
Tibor Banoczki
Sarolta Szabo
Tibor Banoczki
Sarolta Szabo
Pascal Le Nôtre
Julie Roy
René Chénier
Yoann Veyrat


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