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Citizen Sam goes deep inside quadriplegic city councillor Sam Sullivan's mayoral campaign to tell the remarkable story behind his rise from obscurity. From war room to bedroom, it provides an unflinching portrait of this one-of-a-kind politician who has become the face of Vancouver on the international stage.


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Film Credits

Joe Moulins
Joe Moulins
Tracey Friesen
Carmen Pollard
Joe Moulins
Cameron Wilson
sound supervisor
Jamie Mahaffey
location sound recording
Joe Moulins
David Springbett
Lisa Kolisnyk
research consultant
Heather MacAndrew
re-recording mixer
Jamie Mahaffey
Sam Sullivan
Kathryn Gretzinger
Wayne Hartrick
Lynn Zanatta
Ida Sullivan
Jim Green
Colin Metcalfe
Bruce Young
Bill Good
Lloyd Sullivan
Abraham Rogatnick
Natalie Moreno
Federico Fuoco
Heather Harrison
Jonathan Cooper
Valerie Kwong
Fenella Sung
Rick Cluff
Anna Lilly
Connie Fogal-Rankin
Bernie Simpson
Don Larson
Anne Livingston
Larry Campbell
Mike Hillman
executive producer
Rina Fraticelli

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