Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold - Part 1: Blood Was Flowing Like a River

Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold - Part 1: Blood Was Flowing Like a River

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The cornerstone of The Rwanda Series, this volume in three parts recounts a horrifying crime that could have been prevented by the international community and international law. Shot over three years, Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold follows several Rwandans before, during and after the genocide. Part 1 explores the genesis of the genocide in two key regions of Rwanda, Kibuye and the Bugesera, where "blood was flowing like a river" and "Rwandans will never again be the same."

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  • writer
    Danièle Lacourse
  • director
    Danièle Lacourse
  • writer
    Yvan Patry
  • director
    Yvan Patry
  • camera
    William Turnley
    Serge Giguère
    Rénald Bellemare
    Alain Dupras
    Nick Hughes
    Chris Matlock
    Peter Walker
  • sound
    Stéphane Poulin
    Claude Beaugrand
    John Gatibaru
    Paul Simpson
  • editing
    Nick Hector
  • sound editing
    Claude Schryer
  • original music
    René Lussier
  • music re-recording
    Louis Hone
  • music
    Nassan Ganakwere
  • re-recording
    Serge Boivin
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • English voice
    Christian Allard
    Luis de Cespedes
    A.J. Henderson
    Adrian Knight
    Liz MacRae
    Michael Rudder
  • research
    Bernard Proulx
    Mark Richardson
  • producer
    Sam Grana
  • executive producer
    Don Haig
    Yvan Patry