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This feature documentary follows Canadian actress Babz Chula to Kerala, India, where she is to undergo treatment by a renowned Ayurvedic healer in an effort to manage her 6-year battle with cancer. The bare-bones Indian clinic at first disappoints, but Babz is uplifted as her condition seemingly shows marked signs of improvement following treatment and introspection. Returning home, however, it is revealed that her cancer has actually advanced. Amazingly, the irrepressible actress invites filmmaker Anne Wheeler to continue bearing witness to her journey into the unknown.

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  • gracefullikeagazelle

    “The final scenes are remarkably beautiful; touching; heartwrenching.” — gracefullikeagazelle, 5 Feb 2015

  • Theresamarie

    “What a sad but beautiful story like Babz said, I want to live live live until I don't.” — Theresamarie, 9 Jul 2014

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