Cell 16

Cell 16

| 14 min

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This short documentary portrays the complex effects of incarceration on individuals. Prisons, the film shows, lock men within themselves, depriving their minds of normal life experiences, confiscating their humanity.

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  • director
    Martin Duckworth
  • photography
    Martin Duckworth
  • editing
    Martin Duckworth
  • producer
    Colin Low
  • script
    Peter Madden
  • sound editing
    Ken Page
  • re-recording
    Ron Alexander
  • voice
    Jim Morrison
  • music
    Eugène Grandmond
  • cast
    Peter Madden

  • None

    Dull and uninteresting.

    None, 14 May 2020
  • sixam

    Give me a break! Prisoner's rights are the greatest perversion of the civil rights movement. What about the victims? I guess they're irrelevant. These men are not arbitrarily imprisoned. They had access to lawyers and the right to a fair trial. That cell looks far more comfortable than a concentration camp.

    sixam, 19 Aug 2013