Carried Away

This short animated film is an impressionistic reflection on the creative process. Using black-and-white photographs (representing reality), overlaid with animated colour drawings (representing fantasy), it illustrates the artist as he braves creative storms, indulges spontaneous bursts of inspiration and learns, by trial and error, to harness his creative powers.

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Vonnie Von Helmolt
Vonnie Von Helmolt
Alan Pakarnyk
Alan Pakarnyk
Michael Scott
Andreas Poulsson
Drew Lawson
Ken Rodeck
sound editing
Ken Rodeck
Randolph Peters


  • IvanBonet

    “Amazing work. Inspirational. (I think a synopsis should be, rather than a film summary and even a interpretation of it, a invitation to watch it.)” — IvanBonet, 7 Jul 2014

  • fingerease

    “That is the most "Trippy" movie I've ever viewed. Very beautiful. I will definitely share with friends. ” — fingerease, 30 Dec 2012

  • Felipe_Carrelli

    “I agree with RuralJuror! for me, the film is about changing the point of view, something transcendent! The character`s cap also remember me of the Parangole of brazilian artist Helio Oticica!” — Felipe_Carrelli, 7 Dec 2011

  • RuralJuror

    “what a fine piece of art! i don't like how the synopsis tries to say what it is "about," but thinking for myself isn't too hard.” — RuralJuror, 8 Jun 2010

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