Canada's Capital: Behind the Scenes

Canada's Capital: Behind the Scenes

                                    Canada's Capital: Behind the Scenes
| 24 min
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This short film presented in a TV news-magazine format, is hosted by 2 young Canadians and a zany reporter on location in Ottawa. Their mission: to explore the capital "behind the scenes." The result is an intriguing look at Canada's capital and how it serves people across the country.

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  • director
    Ian Ferguson
  • script
    Ian Ferguson
  • producer
    Keith Packwood
  • executive producer
    Floyd Elliott
  • camera
    Savas Kalogeras
    Jean Prenoveau
  • sound
    Jacques Drouin
    Hans Oomes
  • editing
    Paul Demers
  • sound editing
    Paul Demers
  • music
    Robert Lauzon
    Fernand Martel
  • cast
    Roger Clown
    James Higgins
    Glen Hudson
    John Lavoie
    Susan Monoghan
    Stephanie Morgenstern
    Carl Nicholson
    Roma Pawlowsky
    Howard Ryshpan
    Heather Schwartz

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