Canada at War, Part 7: Road to Ortona

  • ONFB,
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  • 27 min 48 s

July 1943 - January l944. The objective at last--Fortress Europe. The Canadian 1st Division, flanked by the British and Americans, pushes into Italy. Italians surrender but the Germans resist. Ortona, a 15th-century town, riddled with bullets and grenades, is taken by Canadians in fierce and costly street fighting.

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Film Credits

Stanley Clish
Donald Brittain
executive producer
Peter Jones
Donald Brittain
John Kemeny
sound editing
Kenneth Heeley-Ray
Victor Merrill
George Croll
Ted Haley
Budd Knapp
Robert Fleming
Eldon Rathburn
Maurice Blackburn
Ken Campbell

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  • Diviner

    “My great uncle died in Ortona...may he rest in peace.” — Diviner, 16 Jun 2012

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