Canada at War, Part 4: Days of Infamy

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  • 27 min 50 s

December 1941 - June 1942. The war is now global and pressures on Canada mount. Without warning Japan strikes at Pearl Harbor. Canadians adjust to food rationing, salvage drives. The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan is inaugurated in Canada. In Ottawa, Winston Churchill makes his 'some chicken, some neck' speech.

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Film Credits

Stanley Clish
Peter Jones
Donald Brittain
executive producer
Peter Jones
Donald Brittain
John Kemeny
Tony Lower
David Green
sound editing
Kenneth Heeley-Ray
Michael McKennirey
Victor Merrill
Sidney Pearson
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Bernard Bordeleau
George Croll
Ted Haley
Budd Knapp
Robert Fleming
Eldon Rathburn
Maurice Blackburn
Ken Campbell

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