Canada at War, Part 1: Dusk

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  • 27 min 50 s

1936 - March 1940. In Europe war clouds gather as Germany re-arms and Hitler propounds his 'master race' doctrine. Chamberlain's appeasement fails. Germany overruns Czechoslovakia. Britain declares war; Canada makes an independent decision to join. The first Canadian troopship sails from Halifax.

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Stanley Clish
Donald Brittain
Donald Brittain
executive producer
Peter Jones
David Green
John Kemeny
Tony Lower
sound editing
Kenneth Heeley-Ray
Michael McKennirey
Victor Merrill
Sidney Pearson
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Bernard Bordeleau
George Croll
Ted Haley
Budd Knapp
Robert Fleming
Eldon Rathburn
Maurice Blackburn


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    “@codeblue001 - The film is unavailable because we sadly don't have the rights to stream the film online. When it becomes available, I'll make an announcement. Hope that helps!” — kruscito, 20 Nov 2013

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    “I don't understand why this film (Dusk) is unavailable to public - at least Canadians. ” — codeblue001, 20 Nov 2013

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