Canada at War, Part 11: Crisis on the Hill

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  • 27 min 47 s

September 1944 - March 1945. On the eve of victory Canada faces an internal crisis: an acute shortage of men for overseas service precipitates the conscription issue, threatens national unity and the King government. In Europe, Canadian divisions fight their way to the top of the Italian boot, then regroup for the final onslaught on Germany. They fight in the battles of the Reichswald and Hochwald forests, and finally cross the Siegfried Line.

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Film Credits

Stanley Clish
Donald Brittain
Donald Brittain
executive producer
Peter Jones
Tony Lower
John Kemeny
David Green
sound editing
Kenneth Heeley-Ray
Michael McKennirey
Victor Merrill
Sidney Pearson
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Bernard Bordeleau
George Croll
Ted Haley
Budd Knapp
Robert Fleming
Eldon Rathburn
Maurice Blackburn
Ken Campbell

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