Burquette (épisode 9) - Le voisin algérien

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  • 1 min 25 s

Le père est pris à parti par son voisin algérien.

Cet épisode fait partie de la série animée Burquette, réalisée par le bédéiste Francis Desharnais.

Découvrez l'univers de Burquette sur son site officiel.


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  • kruscito

    “@feduptaxpayer -- We make our best efforts to release our films in both languages, but in some cases (like co-productions), a film will only be released in its original version.” — kruscito, 14 Mar 2012

  • feduptaxpayer

    “I thought this country had two official languages. I also thought that this country has legal requirements for both English and French to appear on packages, etc. So why is the synopsis for this film only in French? Furthermore, since my taxes indirectly funded the production of this film I would like to know why it isn't subtitled in English, so I can at least understand what is being said.” — feduptaxpayer, 14 Mar 2012

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