Beaver People

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A short silent film about famous conservationist Grey Owl (born Archibald Belaney) and his wife, Anahareo, who had a special talent for interacting with beavers. Note: The beavers in the film may be Grey Owl's pets, Jellyroll and Rawhide.

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  • Ukulele

    “FOUND IT!!! - Grey Owl's first film appearance - and thats (3rd) wife Anahero (Gertrude Bernard) not (2nd wife) Angele. The second film Beaver Family is at this site as well... The 1936 film "Grey Owl's Strange Guests" is currently at Go to the CBC archives to view excerpt of 1971 documentary with more stunning footage + older Anahero recalling their adventures......” — Ukulele, 3 Dec 2010

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