Here at Home: Honestly Painful

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  • 4 min 6 s

Haunted by visions of his father, Mark thought he’d won the jackpot when he discovered he was going to be housed. But now, safe and secure in his apartment, he’s overwhelmed by a new fear – will he lose his home when the study ends?

This short film is a chapter from Here At Home, a web documentary about mental health and homelessness that takes us inside the Mental Health Commission of Canada's At Home pilot project.


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  • Syncletica

    “I am deeply moved by Mark’s open and honest account of his life. His candid and heart-rending account reminds one that we all need one another’s love, compassion, and support. When we remember all the people who have passed through our lives, I think of Mark as a brilliant star whose warmth and compassion, integrity and principle, joy and laughter has touched all those who have had the honour and privilege of his friendship. ” — Syncletica, 27 Jun 2012

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