This feature documentary profiles the psychological and physical journeys of Ariel, an Argentinian man whose legs were shredded by an industrial dough mixer when he was just 33 years old. After the accident, Ariel began to rediscover the meaning of freedom: to rebuild his broken identity, keep his family together and design his own artificial legs. He became a living embodiment of the ongoing duel between man and machine. This intimate and metaphorical portrait juxtaposes Ariel's daily life with dreamlike inner worlds, pushing the boundary between the real and the imaginary. An introspective journey tinged with touches of magic realism, Ariel tells a touching tale in which a man's precarious emotional balance illuminates his unique metamorphosis.

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Laura Bari
Laura Bari
Laura Bari
Laura Bari
Ariel Bari
Alba Gonzalez
Aldana Bari
Rocio Bari
Andrés Bari
Silvana Mercante
Antonio Garcia Orayo
Sarah Spring
Laura Bari
Nathalie Cloutier
executive producer
Colette Loumède
Florencia di Concilio
sound design
Stéphane Bergeron
sound recording
Mauro Franzen
Claudia Trecu
Maximiliano Coronel
Silvia Cevasco
Eduardo Nicolas Costa
Adrian Velez
Eva Bianchi
Fernando Castro
Nelson Mocallar
Julietta Maeder Bari
Nacho Baigorria
Maria Belen Baigorria
Roxana Natalia Baigorria
Daniela Baigorria
Cecilia Baigorria
Ana Maria Baigorria
Silvina Baigorria
Javier Nieto
Eulogia Coca Rodriguez
Claudia Mendoza
Francisca Vignal Mendoza
Hernan Gatica
Carlitos Gonzalez
Nicolas Lobos
Alicia Lobos
Silvia Lobos
Omar Prieto
Julio Ernesto Lobos
Beba Lobos
Julio Lobos
Nahuel Tapia
Rolly Yanelli
Gabriela Boccini
Vero Gatica
Francine Gatica
Gena Gatica
Carolina Lopez
Valeria Lopez
Fabricio Lisandrello
José Gustave de Amo
Alberto Perez
Diego Gatica
Gustavo Gatica
Eduardo Gatica
Maria Delia Gatica
Stella Gonzalez
Gladys Gonzalez
Fernanda Rodriguez
Javier Machado
Walter Diez
Federica Vignals
Louana Kim Mendoza
Daniela Nadal
Gabriela Deiber
Antonio Ruggeri
Tomas Cabrera
Escuela de danza de Lujan de Cuyo
Aoni Ken
Ballet municipal de Guaymallen
Giulia Palombino
costume design
Lucy Riddel
Cecilia Baigorria
Elly Hatscher
Gaston Lopez
Lucia Maure
Matias Casagrande
Distinto Hall
Natalia Mendoza
Marc Gagnon
Yamila Marannon
re-recording mixer
Jean Paul Vialard
sound supervisor
Stéphane Bergeron
foley artist
Lise Wedlock
Terri Foxman


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