Anik Bissonnette: The Gift of Dance

This short film pays tribute to ballet dancer Anik Bissonnette as she takes the reins of the École supérieure de ballet du Québec. Having dazzled audiences for decades with her astounding talent, she now teaches the rigorous fundamentals and secrets of movement that underlie her art. Bissonnette's grace is reflected through the mirror of time. As we watch the steps and movements of the young dancers she has inspired, we realize that we are witnessing the most beautiful of dances—the transmission of knowledge.

This film was produced by the NFB in co-operation with the National Arts Centre and the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Foundation on the occasion of the 2014 Governor General's Performing Arts Awards.


Philippe Baylaucq
Philippe Baylaucq
René Chénier
Annie Jean
director of photography
Philippe Lavalette
sound recording
Marcel Chouinard
sound editing
Benoît Dame
Jean Paul Vialard