Air - Climate

Air - Climate

This documentary takes us on a visual tour of Canada's extreme weather and climate. The film is part of the Transit series, which explores Canada's natural landscape, from the humid rainforests of British Columbia, to the desert-like badlands of Alberta; from the frosty Arctic where no trees grow, to the fertile farmland of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Region.

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Film Credits

Michel Barbeau
Michel Barbeau
Éric Ruel
Daniel Frenette
sound editor
André Chaput
Thor Bishopric
Ernest McNabb
Colin Low
Mark Zannis
Éric Clément
Jocelyn Hudon
voice recording
Geoffrey Mitchell
Patrick Viegas
foley artist
Stéphane Cadotte
Geoffrey Mitchell
original music
Luc Préfontaine
music archives research
Andres Norambuena
archival film research
Sylvia Mezei
Marc Pitre
educational consultant
Marie-Noëlle Soumeillant
Roger Sauvageau
communication consultant
Monique Caron-Bouchard
Pierre Lapointe
executive producer
David Verrall

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