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This World War II film highlights the role of Canadian corvettes on convoy duty in the North Atlantic. Battle scenes show a crew sighting a German submarine and sinking it. Other scenes show training on the high seas.

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Film Credits

Joris Ivens
Joris Ivens
Joris Ivens
Fran├žois Villiers
Osmond H. Borradaile
John Norwood
William H. Lane
Charles Quick
sound recording
Gordon Fraser
sound editing
J.R. Hunter
Allan Field
Louis Applebaum

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  • purpletrade

    “The song Roll Along Wavy Navy is not on youtube or in part in the film. Any suggestion where to find a recording of this and other Navy Army Air Force songs from times gone by. TY Merci” — purpletrade, 27 May 2014

  • kruscito

    “@drewbridge - I think it might be a buffering issue. The film plays perfectly for me!” — kruscito, 28 Nov 2012

  • drewbridge

    “why does the film stop at 26.38? ” — drewbridge, 28 Nov 2012

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