60 Cycles

This short documentary follows the 11th St-Laurent long-distance bicycle race held in Quebec in the summer of 1965. There, participants from 13 countries covered 2 400 km of Gaspé countryside in 12 days--a course longer than those of Italy, Belgium or Spain. With the curving landscape of this most picturesque province as backdrop, you see here a sports event where the challenge seems more personal than competitive.

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Jean-Claude Labrecque
executive producer
Jacques Bobet
Jean-Claude Labrecque
Bernard Gosselin
Marcel Carrière
Werner Nold
Ron Alexander
Roger Lamoureux
Donald Douglas
Gordon Fleming
Tony Romandini


  • joephilipson

    “I just made this bike ride a few weeks back, a friend sent this video to me. Glad to see my experience all these years later was on par with how it was back then. Beautiful countryside, amazing people, wonderful place.” — joephilipson, 31 Aug 2014

  • burnunit

    “Wow! How long has it been since any major tour included dirt roads? I suspect the bikes of today would have a very hard time against some of those potholes! Great nostalgic video - loved the chase moped.” — burnunit, 28 Nov 2011

  • Lisabike

    “classique!” — Lisabike, 26 Nov 2011

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